10 Items To Add Style And Comfort Quotient Of Your Home

Just having a home without anything is like having a building only. It does not mean a home. It becomes useless. But that same building becomes a home when it is furnished with furnishings.

What Are Home Furnishings?

Home furnishings are items that furnish your home and give them that look and feel of a home. It adds that touch of warmth and homeliness to your home. So you can say that they are items that fall in the category of daily necessities.

For example, you cannot live in a home with no curtains in the window. How would you feel if people peeped from outside and invaded your privacy? Of course, you would not feel good about it. So home is not a home without curtains and home furnishings.

Items That Come Under Home Furnishings

The items that add design, comfort, warmth, and homeliness comprise your home furnishings. Now for a deeper look into home furnishings, let us see the items that come under that category. They include items such as:

  • Table linen
  • Loose covers
  • Cushions covers
  • Rugs
  • Bedding sets and covers for them
  • Curtains
  • Mattress Protectors
  • Bath accessories
  • Bedding
  • Comforters
  • Duvets
  • Dohar

All these items fall under soft furnishings. But you must also know their functionality and how to use them. If you do not know, even if you get good things from big brands in the market, they go to waste.


Home furnishings not only give aesthetic beauty, but they also have various other functions to perform. These functions include adding privacy and making the home thermal-efficient. Curtains add warmth to the room in winter. It does not allow the cold to come in. This makes the room heater work more efficiently without wastage of electricity.

But again, these very curtains have yet another different function in summer. They prevent the room from getting extra heated so the air conditioner can work efficiently again. It will not be a power guzzler.

Apart from making the room either warm or cool, curtains also act as a sound barrier. It prevents the outside noise from entering the room. This can be achieved very effectively with the usage of soft materials. They have a high capacity for absorbing sound.

How To Decorate Your Home With Furnishings?


Every room in your house deserves different textures and a unique feel to that room. Say, for instance, in your bedroom; you would love soft baby colours to dominate rather than bold colours. You would want delicacy as the texture there. So you should choose your bedding sets and mattress protectors to be of lighter shades suitable for a baby. Such light shades add softness to a room.

Spread your bed with duvets and dohars that are very comfortable and give volume to the room. It makes the room look full, yet they are very light and easy to handle. The duvets come with protectors that are factory-fitted. So you can easily get them cleaned as and when you require them.

For your sitting area, choose a bit deeper shades that will add more warmth and grandeur to that area. You can suitably choose mats, rugscushion covers, curtains, and other items that match the colour of the room and the sofa set.

Bathroom accessories can easily be matched with tiles and flooring. So you can choose any floral prints or soft colours that will make you feel like you are a king or queen in your own home.

Patterns And Designs

A blank room looks dull, boring, and monotonous. But if you fill and decorate that room with various patterns, designs, and colours, then the room comes to life immediately. Without patterns and designs, a room would look like a piece of blank paper. Filling it with different wallpapers, home furnishings, and furniture is filling that blank paper with some design and colour.

So you can always go to sites with big brands selling such furniture. If you have your home furnished from these brands, then you are sure to have things that make the room feel like a home in the true sense. Go for tones that are more soothing to the eyes.

In the same room, you can have two different patterns that are complementary to each other. This will make your room livelier.

Layers Give A Balance To Your Room

Your home is a reflection of what you are and, most importantly, your personality. The way you do it up can either make your home beautiful or ruin it. Adding layers to your room gives it the volume that will make it look like it is a lived-in and well-used room. It will add character to your room.

Highlight the weak areas of your room and go subtle with the strong corners of it. Never overdo a room as it makes a very bold statement and does look very good to the eyes. This will create a balance that makes the room full. And finally, you achieve the elegance, beauty, and gracefulness that you always wanted your room to reflect.

Layer the rugs in your room with one on top of the other. Arrange it with patterns and colours accordingly, and it will have a beautiful effect. Try to do it with naturally made things as much as possible because artificial things make the room look fake. For example, when you are arranging flowers, go for the real ones as they brighten up the room and bring out their beauty.

Maintaining Your Home

But mind you, no matter how beautifully you do up your home, it is of no consequence if you cannot maintain it. Regular cleaning is of utmost importance to reflect the brightness of a room. Layers of dust in a room can make your room subdued and will not bring out the actual shades and hues of all the furnishings and colours.

To maintain a perfect home, maintain it the way that it should be and see yourself becoming the envy of your neighbour.

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