5 Benefits of Six Sigma Training for Employees 

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma certification was devised in the 1980s to help employees demonstrate that they have expertise in project management tools and techniques. Six Sigma makes use of data reviews to help limit things like waste and defects, which in turn will improve the speed and efficiency of the production process. The 6 levels of certification use a belt system very similar to the one used in Karate to demonstrate the level of your understanding of the Six Sigma principles. White Belt is the entry-level certification right through to Master Black who can help manage Six Sigma and advise other belts on the implementation of the six sigma principles.

In this article, we thought we would have a look at 5 of the ways that a six sigma training can benefit an employee.

Six Sigma Certification will make you more valuable to your Employer

Having a six sigma certification will show your employer that you can solve things like quality control issues quickly and efficiently. This will ensure that sources of a problem can be eliminated and as a result, there is no interruption to the production process. It will also demonstrate your effectiveness when it comes to reducing costs and streamlining working processes all of which ultimately lead to an increase in revenue. Having this skill set will make you more valuable to your employer which in many cases will provide you with opportunities to take your career to the next level.

You Will Get on the Job Experience

To gain a six sigma certification you will be required to complete a minimum of one project that involves using principles outlined in Six Sigma. This is because the certification process provides you with hands-on experience in both project management and quality assurance. Having gained this valuable experience you will put yourself in a good position to take on a management role and help make positive changes for your company.

Six Sigma will Help Improve your Job Prospects

Six Sigma certification is attractive to employers because it demonstrates that you have undergone training in vital aspects of business such as reducing costs, increasing revenue, leadership and quality control. The skills you gain during your six sigma training are all transferable so it will undoubtedly open up more avenues for you when it comes to career opportunities, as it makes you suitable for a variety of different roles.

A Chance to Move into a Management Role

Because a six sigma certification will help improve your leadership skills your employer may well earmark you for a management role now or in the future. A big part of your training will be in risk assessment, team building and understanding the financial implications associated with problems. By undertaking more sigma training levels you will improve your ability to take on bigger projects and manage larger teams all of which will improve your career prospects.

Higher Salary Expectations

Gaining a six sigma certification may come in handy when asking your employers for a pay rise. The fact that you have demonstrated an ability to handle extra responsibility and work more efficiently will qualify you for better roles which in most cases will come with a higher salary.

So, in conclusion, there are many reasons why undertaking six sigma training will enhance both your career prospects and make you much more attractive to employers looking for qualified and experienced staff.

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