5 Factors Business Should Consider When Hiring Employees

When your business is looking for employees or staff, you should look into things when recruiting. How can you tell that the employee you want to bring on board is the right person for the job? And once you have them on your team, how do you ensure they meet the job description and deliver results?

You need to hire top talent to join your business and boost productivity. That is why you need KSM Consulting for HR needs. You should consider these five factors whenever you hire employees to join your teams.

  • Understand the employment laws

When hiring or employing a worker to join your team, you should follow due process. Also, when you want to dismiss or fire them, you should ensure you do as the labor law requires of you.

For instance, before you can dismiss any of your employees, you should hold a meeting to discuss the problem, be transparent when deciding their fate, and, if possible, give the employee that opportunity to appeal on dismissal.

  • Employment contract

You should set up an employment contract if you employ anyone to join your team. That means when you hire an individual, you should put the details of their employment contract in writing to avoid any future misunderstandings.

 The law requires that you provide your employees with a written statement of the main terms in the employment contract within two calendar months of employment.

  • Pay above the minimum wage 

All your employees have the right not to be paid below the national minimum wage. Therefore, you should find out the going rate in your country and what you are willing to offer your workers as wage or salary.

Also, define your total pay clearly because it can include a lot of of things like loans, pensions, insurance cover, and other allowances.

  • Get the right people for the job

When hiring, you want to ensure you get the right people to join your team. You can achieve this by coming up with a draft of what you want the new employee to perform and listing all the skills and personal qualities the job applicant should fulfill.

Also, you should advertise the job on different sources like employment agencies, on the internet, and in the local press. Ensure you are not discriminating against your applicants based on their ethnicity, sex, age, and disability.

  • Training and induction

Once you have the right individuals to join your team, you should train them and ensure they learn everything about their job description.

Ensure the recruits in your company are familiar with their roles, work environment, and colleagues. Make worker training an ongoing concern in your company. You can hire experts in this field to help you train and develop your staff.


When you hire staff for your company or business, you should ensure you get the right people. Therefore, you should focus more on talent, skills, and other qualifications that make the individuals fit for the job you are offering.

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