5 Reasons Why Technology is increasing the Demand for Translation Services in Africa

Africa has been a growing market for both local and international businesses ever since the region’s overall political conditions have stabilized. Over the years, companies have ventured into the African market in different technology niches like Fintech, power generation, and digital solutions.

Technology is one of the key contributors to the African market, and it has played a massive role in uncovering the true potential of the African region. The continent is a mix of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, where people speak different languages.

Opportunities for African Translation Services


As businesses sensed different opportunities in African countries, acquiring services from an African translation agency was inevitable.

It’s also because the African market is so versatile that businesses cannot possibly survive without using the local languages to target potential consumers. Although there are more than 1.2 billion people on the continent, only 6.5 million of the population speak English.

French and Arabic are two other popular languages in Africa, with more than 230 million people who speak and understand these languages.

Since a large population of the international technology business is in English, it’s easy to understand why brands can face a hard time succeeding without the assistance of an African translation service provider.

Does Computer-Aided Translation Help?

Business owners prefer cheaper and more efficient options to fill the translation gap in the African market. But is it enough to market professional services or products more efficiently?

So, while some might think that computer-aided translation services can be helpful, in most cases, they lack the emotional touch, especially in a region like Africa, which has a more extensive set of social and cultural nuances.

And as more people become aware of these issues, it makes utilising a professional African translation service is an essential element of overcoming language challenges in the region.

Moreover, software solutions often provide standard translations, overlooking the significance of local jargon. As a result, you can have adequately translated content, but you may still fail in grabbing the attention of more customers and expanding because of this.

Therefore onboarding an African translation agency is a must-have for both new and established businesses that want to expand further in the African market.

Reasons Why Technology is Creating the Opportunities for Translation Services

Generally, an expert multilingual translation agency with native translators and interpreters plays an incredibly significant role in uplifting business across the world. In many ways, technology also has a big say in this regard. Here are five reasons why technology raises the need for translation services:

  • Uncovering the Potential in People


Technology has primarily cut down distances, making information accessible to everyone. As a result, regardless of location, culture, and background, technology is unravelling new talent in education, sports, healthcare, and many others.

How? Consider platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. These social media sites allow users to post their videos and other content, showcasing their talent to a global audience.

For example, a university in Uganda was provided with a network to connect its students with top businesses and employers in the region.

The project owners believe that such opportunities could help young talent to come forth and serve their nations. But, more importantly, when capable students come forward through these ranks, they are likely to be picked by multinationals operating in those regions.

This is where translation services will help bridge and destroy the language barriers between the two parties, allowing the locals to access better opportunities for future growth.

  • Cultural Uplift through Technology


There is no doubt that Africa is a much-improved region compared to ten years ago. Whether it’s about the finance sector, education, basic needs of life, etc., many African regions have excelled by overcoming different societal challenges in the recent past.

For example, the solar energy industry is one of the booming markets in Africa, considering its potential for solar power. Many solar start-ups are on the continent now, and new players are entering the market.

But to survive in the African market, there is an obvious need to target local customers, and it’s unimaginable without speaking to them in their language of communication.

Since many of these investors are operating in different countries worldwide, they are not likely to have expertise in the local languages within Africa. So, it’s best to use an African translation agency to reach more masses.

  • Technopreneurs Face Language Barriers

For technopreneurs in Africa who want to excel internationally, it’s essential to communicate effectively in their customer’s language. So, they always need a multilingual task force to reach more international customers in their target market.

As a result, there is a need for working with a translation agency that can provide accurate translation services to help these technopreneurs better capture the international market.

  • Strengthening Businesses with Technology

One of the inspiring aspects of the African market is the amount of cross-country tech partnerships. So, companies from the UK are now partnering with South Africa, Kenya, and other African countries for innovation in the region.

This is where an African translation agency comes in handy. It can help both parties to negotiate contracts and deals without putting added pressure on overcoming language barriers.

As translation service bridges the gap between partnering companies, cross-country collaboration can benefit the African community to gain more stability and prosperity.

  • Rich History in Sports 

Africa is home to a rich culture and talented people, and sports have been one of the strengths for most African countries. Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria have had a monopoly in athletics and marathon races.

Technology is also helping people in the region gain more access to content online, assisting in exploring other sports.


Translation services will play a significant role in the African economy, especially as technology becomes easier and more accessible to the African population. So, if you’re an aspiring business looking to set foot in Africa, never underestimate the importance of an African translation agency. It will connect you with audiences authentically and allow you to grow and establish yourself as a leader.

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