6 Tips For Planning A Stress Free Vacation

The raging pandemic, coupled with work from home and being cooped up indoors for several months, has definitely taken a toll on people across the globe. If you are planning a vacation to distress, read on to get tips that you must consider. From safety guidelines, to taking a personal loan for travel, you will find everything to help you in this article.

  1. Shortlist potential getaway locations: The cool mountains and great outdoors are highly preferred getaways during Indian summers. Nothing is better than scenic landscapes and few inhabitants to escape from the Covid-induced stress. Check for lesser-known places and off beaten paths to avoid crowds.
  2. Decide on the mode of transport: Depending on the distance, decide whether you want to drive or fly to the destination of choice. Driving is definitely a safer bet, as there won’t be interactions with any travellers outside of the family; however, meal and rest stops should be conveniently planned along the way.
  3. Research hotels and houses to stay in: Hygiene and safety play a very important role in deciding the place of stay. While large hotel chains are adopting safety measures and offering great deals and discounts to get travellers to stay with them, Airbnb is also popular because of the homely nature of places to stay, and the relative feeling of being safer during the pandemic, since there won’t be interactions with other travellers. Research well, read reviews on the internet, and ask all the questions possible to allay any fears and concerns you may have.
  4. Book tickets: If you have decided to fly, book your air tickets in advance, and familiarize yourself with the Covid protocols to be followed when flying, from budgeting in additional time due to distancing and hygiene practices, to seating preferences, arrangements, and getting on ground transport after arrival. If for any reason the flights are cancelled, airlines offer a refund, provided you haven’t cancelled your trip before they cancel the flight. Every airline has different policies, and everything being dynamic during the pandemic, it is best you keep abreast of information all the time.
  5. Take stock of benefits -rewards, vouchers and timeshares: This is a good time to check and cash in on your accumulated rewards, vouchers, and use your timeshare. Several chains of airlines and properties are also offering additional bonus points to encourage travel, as well as extending points that are expiring soon, considering the pandemic. Since the travel and tourism industry is one of the worst affected during the pandemic, you can find some pretty amazing deals if you know how to look right.
  6. Plan for health emergencies: Once you’ve finalized everything, make sure to pack your emergency medical kit, find out the nearest medical facilities, including pharmacies, small clinics, and hospitals close to the place you plan to stay. While no one hopes to fall ill during a vacation, the times are such now that it is much better to be safe than sorry.


Now that we have seen all the important pointers regarding planning a vacation during the pandemic, let us also look at the financing aspects of it. Depending on the location, duration, and the number of people travelling, you may or may not have sufficient funds to pay for your vacation. But there’s no reason to worry about that when there are plenty of financing options available, including personal loans at attractive interest rates.

A quick online search or call to the banks where you hold debit and credit cards will enable you to compare personal loan interest rates. An online personal loan EMI calculator will give you the exact cash outflow for the duration of the loan, thereby easing your cash forecast for upcoming months. So, fulfil your travel dreams, and do not let your finances be a limiting factor in doing what you desire and deserve.

Now that everything is set, go have a fun, relaxing vacation and come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and all set to take back the routine with renewed vigour!

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