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Technology always catches up to the growing needs of businesses, which is why we now so often come across AI in virtually all industries worldwide. Well, sales are no different.

Sales professionals are flooded with countless daily tasks, some more crucial than others yet nonetheless – all important. Automating some of these less demanding, standardized duties, such as writing emails, will untie their arms and allow them to prioritize their precious time effectively.

AI in sales takes automation one step further with machine learning algorithms that can analyze and predict the best possible solution for a particular task.

Emails have always been a vital part of sales activities, and although the rules of the game may have changed, it remains this way until today.

Sales Email Assistant by

Adding an AI email assistant to your sales tool stack is the equivalent of providing them a highly competent and consistent associate. These powerful tools can whip up human-like emails in a matter of seconds, saving time and increasing efficiency, as a result. A pleasant icing on the cake, is that these AI-powered algorithms can also skyrocket your existing open and reply rates. Sounds like a dream for any sales team, doesn’t it?

At, we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a truly functional and powerful AI email assistant for all our beloved users, and it is with great pleasure that it has received such immense positive feedback. It is a perfect addition to our sales automation platform, which will enhance the lead generation & customer engagement processes even further.

Reply’s email assistant is powered by the GPT-3 language prediction model, which gives the ability to generate 100% natural, human-like emails. Instead of default, template-like messages, an AI email assistant will create unique emails every time by making full use of all the prospect information and data you have provided. Add a slight touch of personalization, and you’re good to go.

Whether it’s your first outreach email or a repeated follow-up, Reply’s AI email assistant has you covered. On top of that, it can also analyze your written emails and templates with the AI text quality scoring feature, giving you a detailed insight into what should be modified for a higher open & reply rate.

Seamless integration with your existing sequences makes these AI-generated emails that much easier to incorporate and send out, all while your sales talents are busy focusing on the more strategic, revenue-generating matters.

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