Benefits Of Core Hole Drilling

Anyone in the geotechnical engineering and research field and construction and mining industries knows the role played by core hole drilling is crucial. If anything, any project you partake in will require core drilling expertise. The latter has revolutionized due to diamond drilling over time and, thus, is integral to the construction process. If you are new to core drilling, everything shall be broken down: read on. However, if you plan to venture into the construction field, consider researching more on the matter. If not, consider looking for someone well-versed with matters of core drilling to get more insight. The following are advantages of core hole drilling.

You Get Perfect Cuts.

One reason for buying a core drill is that it is a machine that is accurate by all means, including in the trueness of its cuts, as opposed to doing it manually. Core drills cut a round hole to perfection and, as if not enough, in only one setup. They can cut holes the size of a manhole or more extensive options, which is excellent. Once the core hole drill has been mounted, drilling is a continuous process until there is a hole. Also, determining the hole size in core drilling is easy.

It is Time Saving.

When it comes to drilling operations, time is essential. Core hole drills remove less material from holes than conventional drill bits. In addition, annular cutters are rendered 3-4 times more than their counterparts, the conventional drill bits. They can make holes at a fast rate. Think twice if you plan to use a twist drill bit or metal hole saw rather than a broach cutter. Using the latter means that it will be a one-shot drilling operation because pre-drilling and step-drilling are not required. That, in turn, saves you time.

Minimal Disturbance.

The core hole drilling process is non-percussive, meaning slight vibration is experienced when it occurs. Therefore, you or anyone in the surrounding area may not even know when it is happening unless you are very keen. Moreover, it reduces the chances of any related structural damage caused by using jackhammers from occurring. Also, applying water to the cutting surface helps suppress harmful concrete dust and keeps it cool.

Cut Depth.

Many core hole drills can go as deep as 700mm, but specialized core drills can go deeper than a concrete saw. If you plan to use thick concrete slabs, the preferred method to use is concrete drilling. On the other hand, stitch drilling, the process of drilling successive holes together, can be used to cut thick concrete in various shapes.

The above are some of the benefits of core hole drilling. If you wish to know more or seek the latter’s services, feel free to visit this site They have many drilling options, not to mention experts doing the job, which means you won’t have to worry about the quality of their services. Also, they are always at your beck and call; therefore, if you have any inquiries to make, do so.

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