Business Benefits Of Getting An EcoLabel

The first question you may ask yourself when you hear the word ecolabel is what eco-labelling is. Ecolabelling is The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has classified voluntary labels into three broad categories, with eco-labels falling into Type 1. This third-party program awards a license authorising the use of environmental labels on products indicating overall ecological preferability based on multiple criteria. The criteria are based on the type of product or service, which means they are unique to each product category.

Although sustainability and environmental friendliness are gaining popularity, not everyone is aware of the existence of eco-labels. Many people are unaware of the advantages of being eco-label certified. Consumers value companies that publicly declare their environmental friendliness. They can inquire about the manufacturing processes of the companies they purchase. Companies that operate by the eco-label can provide these insights to their clients. This simplifies the buying and selling process for both parties. The selection of criteria for eco-labels is a difficult task regardless of the method of analysis used. Each program that employs a life-cycle review does so in a unique manner. Because no standard criteria must be met, each eco-label must make do with a limited number of attributes. Another issue to consider is the need to compare products with varying degrees of impact.

Benefits Of Acquiring An Ecolabel

  1. It is reliable

The ECO LABEL meets ISO 14024 standards and is a Type 1 Eco-Friendly Label. Type 1 Ecolabel is a third-party verified eco label based on the life cycle. It addresses the immediate environmental impacts of a specific product and establishes compliance limits to mitigate these impacts. This means that Eco Label certified products consider not only the consumer impact but also the raw material usage, shipping, manufacturing, and packaging of the product. As a result, Eco Label certified products will assist them in making more informed purchasing decisions that will secure consumers.

  • Lowers the environmental impact

Using Eco Label-certified products will help to reduce your company’s environmental impact. The certification process follows a life cycle assessment approach, which considers not only the effect of the end user but also the product’s manufacturing process, labelling and raw material use.

  • Saving

The Eco Label program improves production application efficiency by eliminating unnecessary processes, allowing you to save money on energy and water use in a sustainably produced product.

Benefit Of Facility Management

The future of facility management is growing, and here is one  of the advantages tied to facility management

  • Asset management and tracking

Keeping track of assets and budgets via spreadsheets is about as complicated. Consider calculating the annual cost of a copy machine. Before modern Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platforms, here’s how you might have figured it out:

  • Examine annual maintenance logs.
  • Contrast maintenance logs with invoices.
  • Examine copier supply purchase orders.



Having an ecolabel is very important as we have seen above together with facility management which goes hand in hand. Look into them so that you can empower your business.

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