Cannes: a yachting paradise

Looking at yachting the city of Cannes truly has it all with a stellar coastline, a plethora of beach clubs, with some much more exclusive than others, two massive ports as well as some of the finest infrastructure and service in the world. Discover here with us why Cannes is the perfect spot for you to keep your yacht and cruise around the islands.

Yacht Services:

With two of the largest ports in the South of France, the french city of Cannes truly has it all. The Port Canto welcomes the larger yachts, up to 70M while the old port welcomes a plethora of yachts up to 50m and more. Plenty of shipyards are based around the city and yacht surveyors in Cannes are some of the best to ensure that the vessel you are purchasing or the work you are doing aboard is of the utmost quality.  With such an infrastructure the city developed a strong economy around yachting, meaning that provisioning a yacht in Cannes is a breeze, with some of the finest provisioners being present. There is no shortage of suppliers for yachts, whatever an owner would be looking for.

Cruising Grounds:

In Cannes, you’ll have direct access to the Iles de Lérins. In between the islands you’ll find crystal clear waters and shallow anchorages, ideal to enjoy marine life and drop the anchor for the day. There’s truly nothing like a day spent partying with friends in these secluded islands, one even featuring a monastery. On the other side of the bay, on the way to St Tropez, you’ll discover the Massif de l’Esterel and its stunning red rocks. For those heading to the vibrant fishing village east of Cannes, the views on the coastline are simply incredible.


Cruising aboard a yacht in Cannes means that you’ll experience the very best of the yachting lifestyle, with a stellar range of beach clubs, gourmet restaurants and some of the finest clubs. La Guérite is a prime example of this, being accessible only by yacht. The restaurant started in the early 1900s being a prime spot for the yachtsman of old to enjoy a drink all together in the utmost privacy. The picturesque charm of the old guérite didn’t disappear but the quality of the drinks changed! You will also enjoy the Carlton Beach Club, one of the most reputable beach clubs in Cannes, with a private pier for tender arrivals.

The city truly has it all, offering the perfect place to keep a yacht year-round, with vibrant entertainment, stunning cruising grounds and an impressive amount of yacht suppliers.

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