Corrugated Cardboard Boxes – Eco-Friendly Features and Tips To Choose The Right Manufacturer

Corrugated boxes are globally preferred packaging material. The corrugated design offers plenty of advantages like keeping moisture away and playing the role of a cushion. They are strong and great for shipping. There are several eco-friendly features like –

  • Reusability – Eco-friendly products mean reuse them again. As the boxes have flexible corners and are easily collapsible, you can store them for future use. Besides, they take less space and need less storage space.
  • Made from sustainable material – The boxes are made from paper pulp got from birch or pine trees. These trees grow quickly and are found everywhere.
  • Recyclable – When the reusability of the corrugated cardboard cartons expires or it is unable to serve, it can be re-pulped and redesigned into an eco-friendly product.
  • Energy saver – As corrugated cartons are made from recyclable and renewable material, the carbon footprint is low.
  • Robust design – Even if the boxes are made from eco-friendly materials, there is no use to add extra materials as the robustness is well-maintained.

After choosing an eco-friendly packaging material, you will need to look for a reliable custom box manufacturer. For manufacturing boxesyou can opt for Belley, a packaging designer offering just-to-deliver service. Customers don’t need to worry about the storage of their packaging material or deadlines.

Things to consider while choosing a packaging manufacturer


Every potential manufacturer claims to give their best. Never trust anyone blindly! Experience means the company has a qualified and skilled team that is aware of packaging needs ranging from structural conceptualization to designing to branding.

Competent customer service

The work of creating a customized carton option is not the only aspect the packaging company offers. It must facilitate in organizing and managing your custom packages with warehousing and storage services. For example, if your beverage carrier boxes need suddenly increases then you will need emergency delivery in bulk at odd hours. Sometimes, you may need an up-gradation of the beverage carrier boxes [capable to carry 10 to 12 bottles], then will you need to go in search of another manufacturer.

Offer turnkey solution

The company must be capable to offer structural and creative designing support, so you can take advantage of the packaging for brand promotion. They must offer a turnkey solution to your packaging needs ranging from visuals to promotion.

Finding the right packaging company can help a startup business build a strong reputation offering consistent and high-end packaging solutions.

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