Different Tools to Increase Engagement In Virtual Events 

The popularity of online events is increasing day by day. People are shifting from offline events to online events. The main reason behind this shift is the convenience of organizing an online event that one can not get in offline events.

While people think that online events can easily be organized, they are not aware of the difficulties of organizing a virtual event. The organizers usually face a lot of issues in bringing the audience and enhancing the engagement of the event. Even after so many efforts, they do not manage to make it even more engaging and exciting.

You don’t need to worry about it if you are planning to organize an online event. In this article, we are going to share some insights about useful tools and features that you can use to increase the engagement of your virtual events.

Tools That You Can Use To Increase Engagement 

Search engines are flooded with engagement tools that you can use in your online events. However, you can not use any random tool in your virtual event. Your tools must be engaging and exciting enough to not let your audience get bored at all. An audience interaction tool will not only elevate the engagement of the event but will also make it a successful one. Check out the below-mentioned tools for your virtual events:

Live Audio and Video Response 

We all know that face-to-face interaction is the best way of communicating and greeting someone. Implementation of live audio and video interaction tools would be a wonderful idea to make your event engaging. The audience will love to share their respective experiences on video chats. Make sure to keep this session at the end of your event to avoid noise and chaos.

Real-Time Polls 

To boost engagement, you are definitely going to need live polls in your virtual events. Live polls can be used during long events to keep the audience aware of the event and not let them get distracted. Raise interesting polls at specified intervals and present results on the screens of the attendees.

Online Quizzes 

The online quiz can help you in keeping your audience involved in your virtual event. You can create quizzes using tools available on the internet and publish them during your event. Try to keep quizzes related to the genre of your event. This will keep the audience’s interest in your event and they will actively participate in quizzes as well as in the event.

Spin the Wheel 

Spin the wheel is the most suitable and simple thing that you can bring into your long and monotonous virtual event to make it fun and engaging. This tool can provide you with enough time to get back the attention of your audience.  The entertainment factor of this event will not let the attendees leave the event in the middle.

Q&A Sessions 

Tools for Q&A sessions will make your event more interactive. The attendees will feel that they are not ignored and will not leave the event. They will wait for their turn to participate and ask questions.

Over time, virtual events have become an integral part of our lives. Lack of engagement In virtual events can reduce the morale of the organizers, but this problem can be easily solved by using the right tools. Votemo is a trusted platform that can provide numerous efficient tools for virtual events.

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