Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery?

Last Mile Delivery is industry short hand for the final phase of a fulfillment process, where a product is transferred from the fulfillment center to its final point of sale. Years ago, the concept of last mile delivery didn’t really exist. Many customers were content with being unaware of the ways in which their order was being processed and handled. However, now, Last Mile Delivery has become a critical issue for retail and commercial fulfillment. Sellers have much higher demand now than in the past, meaning their delivery volume is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Without an inventory management system, optimized warehouse space in locations around the nation and a variety of delivery options to fulfill any customer need, it can be challenging to master this step of order fulfillment. Luckily, the information found within the resource accompanying this post can help strengthen your organization’s last mile capabilities and keep customers satisfied.

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery? presented by WAREHOWZ, the company to call when you need to find warehouse solutions

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