Getting A Liquor License In Hendry County: Things To Know

If you wish to start a business that intends to serve alcohol in Florida, you have to apply for an alcoholic beverage license. The whole process can be a bit expensive, but the good news is there are companies that can help with the process, so there are no mistakes in the paperwork. In this post, we are discussing more specifically on how to get a Hendry County Liquor License.

Prepare the documents

Before you can go ahead and complete the application for the license, you must get a few documents in place. In Hendry County, documents that must be submitted include zoning approval, health approval, RTO (right to occupancy), revenue approval, floor plan, and personal information. If management contracts are applicable, the same must be submitted, as well. Once these documents are ready, you have to wait after submission to get an approval. For selected liquor licenses in Hendry County, it is mandatory to do an inspection by agencies, and you must pay the license fee (obviously!).

The options

There are different kinds of liquor licenses available in Florida. If you wish to serve just beer, or beer and wine, you don’t have to pay a lot for the license. Also, for on-premise serving, liquor licenses are different. So, how do you decide on the type of license you need? It depends on your business model, depending on what amount of profits come from sale of liquor. All-inclusive licenses are obviously better, because you can sell all kinds of spirits, beers, and wine, but the price paid per year is more. We would recommend that you figure out your comprehensive business plan in advance and decide the possible need of expansion in the future.

Seek professional help

There are companies that can help you understand and complete all the liquor licensing requirements in Hendry County. They can help you deal with the application process, avoid unwanted mistakes, and ensure that documentation and papers are submitted as needed. Find a company that know the state and county laws inside out, and you can also take their advice and inputs on the kind of liquor license you should apply for. The fee paid for these services are absolutely worthy.

Check online now to find more on liquor licenses in Hendry County, and don’t forget to check for services that can help with application, so that you can save both time and effort

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