How Did Eric Blue Get the Idea for Nevly?

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Eric Blue’s Nevly is positioned to be one of the most transformative fintech companies in the consumer financial health space. Whether focusing on better financial health or achieving financial freedom, the company’s products are focused on leveraging big data and AI to deliver personalized solutions that strengthen financial health and allow them to reach their individual goals.

All this sounds great in today’s world, but knowing the story behind how the company came to be changes a lot. How did Eric Blue get the idea for Nevly? There were many twists and turns over the years, but some of the earliest connections to the company’s ethos are linked to Blue’s childhood.

What is Nevly?

Many people check out Nevly for the first time, not knowing what it’s about. With financial health as a focus, Nevly is a company built on a mission to leverage technology to deliver products to consumers that allow them to achieve stronger financial health and greater financial freedom. 

Whether its the company’s Nevly Money product, which allows consumers who need to improve their credit scores to do so significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost of legacy credit repair providers. Or its mobile application, which provides consumers with the first most powerful in app financial health assistant that powers everything from personalized financial health journeys to P2P money transfer services, the company is built on the platform that allows consumers to get everything they deserve out of their money.

Accessibility is also a significant selling part of Nevly’s ethos, as it has two core products one that is accessible via a mobile enabled website and the other that will be delivered via a mobile application. It’s designed for the modern consumer powered by cutting edge technology. 

There’s a separate app for android and iOS users.

Struggling Growing Up

As Eric Blue grew up, he and his mom struggled financially quite a bit. He’s always been very transparent about his life journey however building Nevly has afforded him a much larger platform to shed light on how the lack of financial resources can in some way be positively impacted by technology. Without question, the inspiration he drew from his childhood has absolutely led to the development of the brand ethos and Nevly’s business model.

In New Orleans as a child, Blue watched his mother struggle financially and noticed that her struggle was all too common among people who didn’t have strong financial habits or who may have even lacked the basic resources necessary to provide a sustainable life for themselves and their loved ones.

Ultimately, Blue built the company that he believed would have been a welcomed helping hand had it been available to his mother when he was a child. Financial freedom, to some degree, is what everyone’s looking for, and his mother’s story was all too common.

Despite everything stacked against him, Blue found a way to get into Xavier University of Louisiana and, eventually, The University of Texas School of Law. Like many people who didn’t have much growing up, part of his motivation for success comes down to making those who had to sacrifice and endure so much proud of what and who he has become.

Gaining Experience in Finance and Law

Before founding Nevly, Eric Blue’s career has been an inspiring one. He worked as an investment banker between his undergrad and law school. After graduation, he landed corporate attorney positions at two large firms that lasted roughly three years.

Every entrepreneur’s story is different, but Blue’s unique experience makes him much more efficient with business planning. It became even more accessible as he saw the inner workings of Valler Holdings Corp.

At Valler Holdings Corp., he was named CEO and Chief Investment Officer where he led investments in public and private companies.

His time at Valler provided him with a number of valuable lessons and sets of experiences that he would leverage later in his journey. Although he loved the work he was doing, he ultimately continued to find himself searching until one day he mustered the courage to step out on faith and start a company from scratch.

Launching and Running Nevly

Launching a company at any time can be a challenge. Launching during the height of COVID-19 is another issue altogether. Despite the challenges, Nevly officially opened for business in 2021, and launched its first product – Nevly Money – in December of 2022 and continues to build towards the launch of its mobile application in Q2 of 2023.

The average smartphone user might rely on several apps to try and address their financial health needs but the launch of its mobile app is designed to streamline it all and make it much easier for consumers to have a complete and personalized picture of their financial health. The mobile app will be user friendly and designed with an eye towards allowing any consumer to leverage its benefits.

The launch of Nevly Money has been very successful and there’s plenty of opportunity to grow as the company prepares for the launch of its mobile application. Much of the personalized insights delivered through the mobile application will be things not emphasized enough in traditional schools. The Eric Blue Nevly experience is becoming one of the best opportunities for consumers looking to strengthen their financial health.

What Makes Nevly Different?

The ethos of Nevly is rooted in its ability to leverage technology and push the boundaries to deliver cutting edge solutions to consumers. When customers become more familiar with what makes Nevly and its product set different from the competition, the products will sell themselves in many ways.

Robust Mobile App

Some competitors of Nevly may have a mobile solution, but many fail to stand up to the personalized insights delivered to consumers. Many competitors leverage canned, out-of-the box insights and in-app products that offer customers generic advice. Nevly is focused on delivering products to consumers that really deliver tangible, personalized advice that can be acted on. 

It encourages people to delete other apps. Less clutter promotes efficiency.

Handling Overdrafts Without a Fee

Most people have reached a point where they have an overdraft at some point in their life. With many traditional banks, an overdraft comes with a pretty hefty fee or a penalty. That’s not the case with Nevly, and Blue focused on this idea largely thanks to those early days of not knowing exactly how everything operates in the financial world.

The free overdrafts range from $25-$250. This makes it easier to cover expenses when money is low. It’s meant as a safety net so that people still learning aren’t penalized.

More Business Ideas On The Way For Eric Blue?

An exciting thing about the growth of Nevly is that it could open up additional opportunities for business ideas involving Eric Blue. He’s someone who’s not afraid of challenges, and he’s always looking to solve problems one way or another. 

For now, it’s all about Nevly. Eric blue believes that there’s still a lot of work to make this an exceptional app. It’s off to a great start, but competition will keep motivation high as everything grows. 

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