How to come up with a good Subject Line to increase Open Rates and improve your email marketing revenue

If you are interested in email marketing and its benefits, then you’re also interested in how to get your list to open your emails and eventually convert. First of all evaluate if you can allow yourself to hire the services of an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency because this might take a lot off your shoulders and bring huge monetary benefits for your store. If right now is not the time then don’t worry and keep reading cause we’ll be talking about some great tips on how to achieve good subject lines for your next campaigns.

  • Keep it simple


Most of the time we give it a lot of thought and end up coming up with way too long copy that seems to be telling everything just in the subject line. Try to keep it simple and leave room for curiosity don’t give the reader too much information within the Subject Line and I’ll promise this will make them click just to find out what you’re talking about.

  • Be creative, and if the brand allows it be FUNNY

Don’t limit yourself, keeping it simple doesn’t mean avoiding creativity or forgetting about fun, actually we’re true believers that making something simpler and cleaner requires way more creativity since you need to express tons with less.

  • Take minimalism to the maximum

Use single word emails to create the curiosity needed for your subscribers to open that email. Even the shortness of their inbox will catch their eye, the length and shape will stand out from other largely subject lines.

  • “Missing out” & Scarcity strategies

If you’re planning to send promo emails (which you most certainly are) try also to add a bit of scarcity and FOMO into the subject line, this might not be as intrigueous as other strategies but will for sure give them this Fear of Missing Out on the offer.

  • Personalized Subject Lines still works

Yes, is not a secret that personalized Subject Lines come from a dynamic syntax code, which makes it a less personalized than we’ll prefer, but seeing your name in the Subject Line for sure catches your attention from the rest of the emails so try to use it or maybe AB test it with another strategies. Make sure you’re collecting the Subscribers First Name (at the very least) in the Signup form. For this make sure your Email Marketing Platform offers the features you need, evaluate your options, do your research, and find out the differences between Klaviyo vs Mailchimp.

  • Numbers & Lists on Subject Lines

Using numbers in subject lines drives attention to the eyes as our brains are naturally drawn to digits, this is why Top 10 Lists are so successful. Lists are easier to digest and process for our brain and they also create enough curiosity, plus we’re insinuating a promise of a quick and easy read.

Whether you use it to send campaigns to your own subscribers list or to email advertising one of your main goals should be to get the recipients to open your emails so take your time on writing some subject lines and don’t limit yourself.

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