How To Stand Out On The High Street As A New Business

Once you have found a place for your retail business on the high street, you must then face the challenge of making your presence known. A shop space must not only stand out visually, with eye-catching design and advertisements but also cultivate a valued place within community culture.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved and each should be considered by new businesses since the first year for a retailer is said to be the most important. Being able to achieve a positive reputation within the local area, as well as creating an appealing shop space, is a goal that every new high street retailer should seek to achieve as early as possible.

Window Displays

Bright and interesting window displays have long been valued across the high street because they are proven to be effective. Customers who have their interest piqued by a stylish display are not only likely to remember a shop’s presence but also use its business.

Depending on your business, your window display design will change but there are certain elements that should be considered. Lighting, for example, is important and can be used to highlight certain products without the need for text-based descriptions.

A brand message should also be considered as products alone won’t be effective advertising. Be sure to create a window that captures the essence of your brand and product, describing the culture that surrounds it as well as its function.


Directly describing a business’ offerings, service, and presence through effective signage is a powerful tool on the high street. Signs and sign fittings should be used to highlight a shop’s position on the high street in a number of ways, being also visible from a number of directions.

Signage can also be useful to add essential information to the exterior of a building, helping to answer customer questions prior to their entry, and potentially appeal to their interests with offers. It can also be used to extend reach, with a-boards and posters being displayed elsewhere and nearby being able to reach customers that may not otherwise pass directly by the shopfront itself.

Pop-Up Event

Customers may not easily notice a new high street business as they are inclined only to focus on the businesses they know and use. A retailer’s initial opening on the high street is a prime period to host a pop-up event either inside or outside of the store space so as to both raise awareness of the business while also getting passersby familiar with the shop’s products.

Such exciting events can be a vehicle for sales representatives to reach out to customers or for products to be offered as free samples. Additionally, while only temporary, a business can make a significant impact on a local area in just a single afternoon, especially if enough social media attention is accomplished.

Online Presence

While it may seem counterintuitive to focus on social media, it remains one of the most effective ways to reach customers, especially with geographic advertising. Hone your online presence not only to those who follow your platforms but those in the local community too, as it may help them to spot your store the next time they pass by.


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