Miki Agrawal on Why She Does Not Believe in Failure

People look at Miki Agrawal’s success as an author and entrepreneur and sometimes assume that it comes easily to her. However, Miki Agrawal has had to develop her own strategies and work habits just like anyone else. She feels that the strategy that has helped her grow most in her career is questioning everything from the perspective of first principles.

For Agrawal, operating from a headspace of first principles means analyzing each component that makes up a new idea, concept, or product. She feels that this introspective approach helps her to clarify whether the idea, concept, or product still makes sense. If it does, she takes the time to ponder if there is a better way to create or work with it.

Miki Agrawal Does Not Believe in Failure

Not every business venture has been a success for Agrawal, but she still does not use the word failure to describe them. When she published her book Disrupt-Her, Miki Agrawal purposely used the word revelation where other people might have described a failure or loss.

The reason Agrawal takes this approach is that she can honestly say she has important information revealed to her in every challenging circumstance. She chose to use these occasions to learn and grow and never dwells on the fact that they did not turn out as expected.

Agrawal feels that her greatest learning experience has been with hiring. Experience has taught her that she cannot bring on young, inexperienced staff without older and more experienced staff available to help them learn the ropes. Younger staff do not receive the training and feedback they need otherwise, which can cause them to leave the company in frustration.

How Miki Agrawal Uses Technology to Stay On Track

With so many ideas clamoring for her attention, entrepreneur Miki Agrawal can become lost in her own thoughts as the hours pass by. She has deliberately set up her schedule to block off three hours each day for phone calls and emails. To ensure that she does not forget to attend to these tasks, Agrawal sets an alarm on her phone to pull her back to the task at hand. She has found that completing these tasks in set blocks of time helps her be more creative and less stressed for the remainder of the day.

Business Imitates Art

Agrawal tries to add an artistic touch to everything she does. Whether it is answering a customer’s email or designing a new product, she wants people to see the art and know that her company is different.

Reading “ The Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron helped Miki Agrawal get into the artist’s mindset. She recommends the book to anyone who wants to increase their creativity and overcome their own limiting beliefs. The book was extremely helpful to her as she developed so-called taboo products while paying no attention to anyone else’s objections about them.

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