Proven Benefits That Come With Using A Modern Clock In And Out App

For those still using outdated timekeeping methods, you likely already know the struggles that come with managing employees, business responsibility, and payroll via manual time tracking. However, a modern clock in and out app has several benefits that can be taken advantage of to improve your business in both performance and financially.

A time and attendance app can solve many problems that businesses face from manually tracking time and even some issues you may not be aware of. So looks take a look at some proven benefits that come with using a modern clock in and out app.

Reduce Time Theft

Time theft is a significant issue when using outdated team time tracking methods. Buddy punching, not clocking out for breaks, taking care of personal business on company time, and working unnecessary overtime are all ways that time can be stolen. Not only does this cost money in actual wages, but it can also lead to lost revenue from the business that isn’t getting done, lower morale and productivity from other employees, and unintended labor law violations.

A modern clock in and out app has features that allow for unique employee clock-ins that can’t be stolen, such as facial recognition, thumbprint, or ID code. In addition, some features can track what an employee is doing and when so that they aren’t wasting company time. Another option is geofencing which allows employees to only clock in from a particular geographical location. Some alerts notify management when an employee is about to go over their scheduled hours.

Increase Employee Productivity and Morale

Employees often worry about whether they will be paid for the hours they work and whether or not they have to deal with difficulties when clocking in, tracking their breaks, overtime hours, and other information. A simple time card app can help eliminate most of these worries.

The job clock app is easily accessible and tracks employee time down to the minute, even overtime. This makes clocking in easy for employees and gives them the reassurance they need about getting paid so that they can focus on their assigned tasks. Having these guarantees makes employees feel more valued by the business, and thus they have better morale and are more productive.

Streamlined Payroll

One of the most frustrating things about managing employees is ensuring that everyone gets paid correctly and on time. Manually entering payroll is time-consuming and prone to clerical errors. Clerical errors in payroll are costly to fix. That’s why a clock in and out app is so important.

Pay rates and hours are calculated automatically and error-free. You can then use payroll integrations to send this information directly to your payroll personnel to make payments quickly and error-free. This saves time, money and keeps employees happy and working effectively rather than spending time arguing with management over pay and becoming discouraged or unproductive.

Labor Law Compliance

Labor law compliance is crucial for any business. Labor law violations can result in fines and eventual closure of the company if they continue to occur. Reasons for labor law violations usually involve employees not getting proper time off, such as breaks and vacations.

A timesheet management app can track employee hours, make sure they aren’t working without time off, and take mandated breaks. There are even notifications for when employees miss their breaks or have reached their scheduled hours so that managers know if there is an issue. These features can help prevent labor law violations and help businesses keep track of any potential problems before they become violations.

A clock in and out app provides so much more than just tracking employee work hours. It can help your business remain labor law compliant, streamline the payroll process and ensure that employees stay happy and productive.

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