The Cost of Dirty Business: How Your Bottom Line is Affected When you Neglect Cleaning

If you run a business, you already know that there is a lot to it; it involves more than just doing what you are good at. For example, if your business is based on selling a product, you will likely be a good salesperson and excel at speaking to clients and suppliers. But as a business owner you will already know that there is more to keeping your business afloat than selling.

If you have staff, their wellbeing is your responsibility and part of that responsibility is providing them with a safe working environment. This means that things like office cleaning services are something that you will have to think about. But according to the experts at All Pro Cleaning Systems (, office cleaning is beneficial in more ways than one. In fact, neglecting cleaning will hurt not only your employees, but your business as a whole.

The Impact of Neglecting Cleaning on Your Business

A dirty workplace is bad for health. It promotes the spread of bacteria and germs, and staff are much more likely to become ill one after the other when working in a dirty environment all day. This means that staff sicknesses could become a problem, which would ultimately affect your bottom line. When staff are unable to work, your operation as a whole is affected.

Another consideration is the risk of accidents and injury when office spaces are not kept clean and tidy. A cluttered space increases the risk of accidents due to hazards, which could result in an employee being laid up for a period of time. This then could also leave your organization open to the financial burden of medical bills or lawsuits. Again, this would have a negative impact on your bottom line and affect your relationship with staff.

Neglecting office cleaning is a big mistake. Not only can it harm the health of the people who work for you, but it can also reduce their productivity levels when they are at work. Studies have found that people are less productive when they are working in an environment that is filled with mess and clutter. It distracts them from the task at hand. For some it can be completely overwhelming, causing feelings of stress and anxiety. Obviously, the lower the productivity levels, the worse for your bottom line.

You might also find that neglecting office cleaning can have an impact on your bottom line in other ways. For example, if you are trying to attract new customers you may find it difficult, especially if said customers come to visit your premises and find it unappealing. A dirty workplace says a lot about you and your business and can create a poor first impression. You might find that new businesses are reluctant to work with you because they might feel that if you don’t put any effort into keeping your offices clean, then you may not put much effort into maintaining a healthy business relationship either.


Something as simple as office cleaning services can actually have an enormous impact on your bottom line. Failing to keep offices clean and tidy affects the health and safety of the people who work for you, resulting in staff illness and an increased risk of injury through accidents.

Furthermore, you might find that when staff are in work, their productivity levels are quite low, if they are working in a messy and unclean environment. Finally, new clients and customers might be reluctant to give you their business if they don’t believe that you care about yours.

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