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Becoming a doctor is the dream of one in every 10 children. Every single day more than lakhs of children are born, out of which thousands, later on, aspire to become a doctor. Even though it is a dream of thousands of students, they need to face various hardships and examinations in order to achieve a degree in medicine. The qualifying examination to enter the world of medicine is NEET. It is a national level examination to be qualified right after high school. It demands deep knowledge in the subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Though 50% marks are purely based on biology questions, the other 50% is equally divided among Physics and Chemistry. Chemistry being an easy scoring subject, students often tend to study only Biology and Chemistry. 

Many Medical students find the Physics section difficult since it contains a wide variety of theoretical concepts and numerical problems. Most of the NEET aspirants have developed a habit of learning everything. This approach may help them in Biology but not in Physics. When they study Physics without having any practical edge to their preparation plan, they feel that they have understood all the concepts but during their examinations, they won’t be able to apply the same. Mathematics is based on solving problems but when it comes to Physics, it needs both knowledge of mathematics and understanding of the concepts. Therefore, NEET aspirations often put more hard work into Biology and then Chemistry. They ignore Physics due to the toughness of the subject and their lack of knowledge about the subject.

In this article, we will provide preparation tips for Physics that will help students to prepare in a way that will ensure a high score in the Physics section of NEET.


  • For the preparation of Physics NEET, one needs to be very strong with the fundamentals. Students need to be able to visualize the various processes. The application skills and problem-solving abilities can be improved easily if anyone’s basics are clear. So, one must study with patience keeping this in mind.
  • It is very important to have all the concepts crystal clear. They should not be mugged up. One concept is linked to another. It is necessary to understand the concept in such a manner that we can visualize them. This ability is very important when it comes to Physics.
  • There’s no escaping from learning the formulas. Formulas are the backbone of Physics and students need to get them right every time they apply somewhere. And the only way to do that is to keep learning them again and again till they appear right in front of their pen tip whenever they are given any formula based question to solve. But learning the formula simply doesn’t mean memorizing them. Students need to know about the derivation of the formula and why it is applied, etc.
  • Based on conducted studies, it has been found that almost all questions are derived from the NCERT textbooks. These books are the best for NEET preparations. However, students can use a few other standard books which contain high-quality content and problems to solve some higher-level questions. This will boost up their confidence. They will also get a clear idea about how well-prepared they are and then they can revise accordingly. 
  • Physics is a tough subject. It needs regular revision. Though Biology needs to be more focused on, a good mark in physics will decide the rank of the students. Therefore, it should be given more time and attention. Chapter-wise revision should be done to ensure clarity of the topics and concepts. We have provided Vectors NEET Important Questions for reference.
  • Solving practise questions for the Physics subject will help the students to improve their application skills and problem-solving abilities. Students must practice a sufficient number of questions so that they master the skill of application of their knowledge to solve problems. It will also improve their approach to any question.
  • Time management is the key role in an exam like NEET. The course is vast but the time provided is limited. Therefore, students should learn time managing skills such that they can complete the paper without leaving any questions. 180 minutes is provided to answer 180 questions. That means each question is to be given only one minute of time. But for a subject like physics, one minute is never enough to answer one complex question. To tackle this problem, they can practice large numbers of problems daily to increase their speed and accuracy while solving them.
  • Practising will also help the students to know their weak points. After getting to know their weak portions, students can allocate more time to those topics and start from the beginning. This will help in building a strong fundamental knowledge of those topics.
  • During the preparation, students should always start with those concepts that they find hard or the ones that consume more time. This will avoid the students getting panicked when the exam nears and there is less amount of time left to cover up.
  • Sample papers and previous year question papers play a key role during the preparation for NEET. One should practice at least one paper daily with a limited time goal of 3 hours to get familiar with the real exam day.
  • One should never miss their coaching classes if admitted to any of them. The materials and the kind of education provided by the coaching institutes contribute a lot to the preparation. Students can clear their doubts by consulting any of the teachers from their institute.
  • Practice mock tests on a weekly/monthly basis. This will help you boost up their confidence and also experience an exam like scenario. It will also help them to know the areas where they are lacking.

NEET basically puts more focus on Biology. But Chemistry and Physics are the deciding factors. Therefore, not just Biology but equal importance should be given to each of the subjects. Biology confirms a student’s seat, Chemistry enhances the scores and finally, Physics boosts up the rank of an aspirant. 

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