Tips to supercharge new student registration and enrollment

Even in the digitalized era that we live in, many educational institutions still follow the traditional processes of admissions, registrations, documentation, and other administrative functions. Students are still made to wait in long queues for work that can be done digitally without overcrowding. They are made to fill out lengthy forms giving out the exact details multiple times instead of being sourced digitally.

It is vital to adapt to new technologies like eSignatures for various administrative processes like student registration and enrollment. Let’s see some examples of advanced technologies to help quick student registration and enrollment.

Technologies help in quick registration and enrollment

Digital transformation has been occurring globally. It is the right time for various institutions to make the transition and go paperless by digitalizing their processes for easy accessibility to students. Institutes should start new student registrations and enrollments online, which involves the following steps:-

Conduct virtual open days:

Many reputed schools and universities conduct online sessions for prospective students, showing the city and campus, and giving some demo lectures to the students.

Due to the pandemic, educational institutes can also opt to host a virtual open house where students can get a digital walkthrough of the institute through an online portal. Students can indulge in interactive live sessions wherein they can speak to staff and ask fellow students about their experiences.

Online counseling and interviews:

This measure is about conducting interviews virtually. It helps the applicants to figure out the course they would pursue for their future careers.

Online registration process:

Paper-based registrations have become outdated. Now institutes are available alongside various options. Online registration allows students to eSign and forwards the filled document without scanning or printing. Institutes can also send the following notices:

  • Admission confirmation
  • Waiting list of students
  • Dates and times of interview
  • Merit list of the students and more.

Secure gateway to pay enrollment fees online:

During the pandemic, many individuals and institutes adopted online payment procedures that offered convenience and increased efficiency. Educational institutions should also seek to implement full-fledged online payment systems.

Applicants must choose a reliable gateway to process enrollment fees in real-time. Safety and security play a vital role because there are various hackers in the world of technological advancement.

Signeasy – the best option for new student registration

Signeasy helps admin staff by providing them with more effective controls and makes students’ life much more convenient than a manual documentation system. Electronic signatures help to reduce the time taken for signing documents, minimize errors and save time for both parties. The usage of electronic signatures has increased in recent years due to their advantages over traditional handwritten signatures. In a recent survey, it was observed that there is a 37.33% increase in the usage of eSignature solutions to facilitate students’ admission paperwork alone. Many have been using the eSignatures offered by Signeasy to approve and communicate online and for other processes, including admissions to granting educational loans to students.

Following are some of the reasons to choose Signeasy for the new student registration process:

Decreased staff productivity:

It would be a boon for administration staff because they can manage the new student’s applications virtually with more efficacy. Managing students’ applications is an intense job. Signeasy allows staff members to verify, send and receive documents remotely via digital devices.

Applicant’s satisfaction:

Students and their parents are not required to scan or print documents. It does not involve manual intervention because applications can be submitted digitally in a few clicks, improving their satisfaction.

Real-time updates:

Administration staff would get notified on a real-time basis when there is a new enrollment. They would have access to all the documentation online. If there is any missing or incorrect document, Signeasy allows the students to be notified about the required corrections on the file or for any other issues.

Digital record-keeping:

Every document submitted by the applicants is stored in the cloud. So, the administration can access the information of the students whenever required without having to dig through piles of manual records.

Economical and affordable:

Signeasy provides a 14-day free trial after signing up, which is enough time to understand the system and how users can avail of their services. If users wish to continue with the system, they need to pay a monthly subscription fee starting at $10.


Electronic signature solutions for the education industry, offered by Signeasy, help fast-track new student registrations. Using eSignature software is legally valid as they provide utmost safety and security. To sign up for the free trial, a user may visit the Signeasy website. With the help of this utility provided by Signeasy, educational institutes can devote more time to getting to know the students and warmly welcome them on their new journey.

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