Veteran Voiceover Artist Mark Hauser Explores Acting Industry, Shares Keen Insights

There are few industries more cutthroat and difficult to navigate than the arts. Finding a niche and fulfilling it within a crowded industry can feel almost like an impossible task, but it was one that veteran voice actor Mark Hauser was more than willing to take on.

Mark Hauser is a Canadian-borne performer who excelled in his youth at a number of creative endeavors, including accents and different dialects. Taking these talents and turning them into a career, Hauser would explode into the world of acting in the late 90s and early 00s, eventually landing roles in hit franchises like Winx Club and Alice in Borderland.

Now a decorated performer with an Actra Nomination beside his name, Hauser took time out of his day to share the key insights that have led him to so much success over the years.

Building a Foundation of Hard Work

While it might look like an easy job, acting and thriving in an entrepreneurial role can feel like anything but easy. Mark Hauser knew early on that he would have to constantly push in order to find progress in a field that was determined to keep him back.

In order to find success in the industry, Hauser had to lay down a foundation of hard work that he would carry with him throughout his career. Hauser finishes every night by making a list of tasks that he has to complete for the next day. Hauser says, “While they’re certainly doable, they require some effort and brainpower.”

Focusing on pushing himself forward, Hauser doesn’t allow himself to waste any of his time. When he’s in between projects or simply working on the next role, Hauser makes sure to spend a significant amount of his time in the research arena. Hauser says, “For every role, I visualize the ideal personification of that character.”

To really take his work to the next level, such as for the role of Sky in Winx Club, Hauser says, “I perform huge amounts of online research. If I need to get the feel of a specific work environment, I might even spend some time at that company.”

Advice For His Younger Self

Even though Hauser has enjoyed an Actra Nomination alongside hundreds of voiceover roles, he knows that there are still areas of his career where he could’ve done better. One way in which he knows he could improve his success is by adjusting to frustration.

Hauser advocates for individuals following in his footsteps to, “Roll with the punches. Sometimes, you can formulate a detailed business strategy (…) However, things don’t always go according to the script and the original plan might somehow get derailed.”

Understanding his frustration isn’t permanent, Hauser suggests that other performers get familiar with dropping their angst and looking to new potential rather than toiling in lost auditions.

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