Walter Reissman Discusses How Kabalah is Key to Successful Trading

Walter Reissman has over 30 years of investing and trading experience. He’s passionate about paying it forward, and provides life and business coaching. He’s the founder of the Reissman Method. He’s here to explain how the Kabalah is the key to successful trading and financial success.


Kabbalah is a Jewish mystical tradition. Walter Reissman explains it teaches that everything is connected, and the universe is guided by a set of laws. These laws and connections form the basis for the Kabalah teachings. It explains that God is within everything. It challenges practitioners to find God in unlikely places and situations. One aspect of the Kabalah is practical, which provides rules to live by.

Money Isn’t The Root of Evil

“Money is the root of all evil”, is wisdom everyone in today’s society has heard. Many people view earning money as a ” permissible sin”. This means it’s a sin, but one that is necessary or not as bad as other sins.

However, why would God create a society where you must earn money to live, and declare it a sin? Why would he condemn laziness, saying, “If a man doesn’t work, neither shall he eat”, if the product of work is sinful?

Money itself is neither good nor evil. Like many things in the material world, it’s all about how it’s used, and how it’s obtained. A home used for illegal activities wouldn’t be considered good. However, a home filled with love becomes something more than the building itself, something good and even Godly.


Tithing is the practice of giving away 10% of your earnings. This may seem counterintuitive. After all, how can you increase your money by giving it away?

Walter Reissman believes you should think of tithing as an investment. The world is a balance of light and darkness. The Kabalah teaches there are 10 levels of consciousness. By tithing, you move beyond the lowest level of consciousness, where chaos and disorder lie. This cleanses the 90% of the money that you keep, infusing it with light.


Celebrating is also a key part of financial success with Kabalah. This may seem counterintuitive as well. A celebration can inspire gratitude and confidence in your financial state, which will lead to increased wealth.

Changing Mindset

At its core, Walter Reissman says the Kabalah is about changing your mindset. It’s about self-improvement and becoming one with the universe or God. It’s also a blueprint for a happy and successful life.

Much of this comes from the way the Kabalah changes your life by changing your mindset. There’s a focus on your connection with something bigger than yourself. Living morally and acting ethically are stressed, which is something not often seen in the business world.

Walter Reissman

Walter Reissman could be considered a renaissance man. He is a wellness practitioner, spiritual advisor, Kabbalist, investor, trader, and business and life coach. These things may seem disconnected, but to Walter Reissman, they are all related. At their core, they are all about living a happy and healthy life.

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