Where should you winterize your yacht?

Look no further if you’re wondering where to renovate your boat this winter. Our study team analyzed numerous nations and determined that Turkey was the best refurbishment destination. Continue reading to learn why a Turkish shipyard is so appealing to both yacht owners and staff.


Turkey is an incredible and unique nation, a repository of world history and a tomb of old civilizations, the origin of great stories, the biblical and ancient Greek epic, sung by Homer and adored by the world’s greats. This fantastic place captivates our emotions and transports us to a realm of great stories and epic occurrences. Epic Troy, the famous city of Halicarnassus, ancient Pergamon and Ephesus, gorgeous Cappadocia’s unique subterranean towns, rock monasteries, and wonderful otherworldly landscapes, amazing and unique Istanbul – the glorious capital of four great empires… And this is only a partial selection of the magnificent country’s amazing locations. Today, Turkey ranks first in the world in terms of the number of historical and archaeological monuments, and it is a true champion on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with two of the world’s “7 Wonders” situated here. All of this makes Turkey an appealing destination for a vacation during your boat refurbishment.

Crew Support

Most shipyards want to make your stay in Turkey enjoyable and stress-free, both at work and at play. Typically, the following time-saving services are provided:

Transportation – to assist with the organization of flights, car/motorbike and van rentals, and freight shipment for both the boat and the crew. Additionally, complimentary shuttle services are frequently provided.

Accommodation – Shipyards are frequently pleased to assist you in locating the best long-term or short-term option for you, whether it’s a villa or apartment rental or a suggested local hotel.

Area expertise – Shipyard employees are well-versed with local physicians and dentists, laundry services, restaurants, day-trip locations, and shopping tips.

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