White Label Vs Private Label CBD Products: How They Are Different

White label and private label CBD products are similar but quite different. When it comes to CBD products, there are two types of product lines- white label and private label. A White Label product is where a company purchases CBD products from a third-party company, rebrands it, and then markets it under its brand name. However, private label CBD products usually come in a bottle or package with a logo specific to the customer. If you are looking to buy products, it is essential to realize the difference between both categories.

1.      Product Uniqueness

Private label CBD products have a significant benefit over the white label. Private label involves companies outsourcing a third-party manufacturer to develop a unique branded CBD product with a specific formulation. Hence, Private Label CBD wholesale products are popular with customers who require a unique product formulation for significant ailments.

However, on the other hand, white labels purchase products from third-party manufacturers without any special requirements and rebrand them and sell them as their products. Hence, white label CBD products are not unique to the seller in any way.

2.      Freedom of Customizing CBD Products

Everybody appreciates the right to make their own choices and have their interests, hobbies, or work. In the same way, everybody likes to choose something they want and get a private label cbd product that they consider a recognizable symbol of themselves. The Private Label CBD products are all about individuality, freedom to make your own decisions, and, of course, making money.

On the other hand, manufacturers sell white label products to different customers undifferentiated hence they have the freedom to customize the actual product. However, white label products may have the freedom to customize packaging, labeling, and branding without affecting the product itself. Hence, customizing white label CBD products may not be possible.

3.      Brand Royalty

Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. When consumers have loyalty to a brand, they are much less likely to switch products, even if their current brand is slightly more expensive. In white label CBD products, consumers can buy an identical product from another outlet if they deem it fit since the manufacturer sells a similar item to several companies.

However, in private label CBD products, the product and brand are identical, which means the product is unique, so the customers cannot get an exact item from another company. Consequently, private label CBD products tend to enjoy more loyal customers’ benefits than white label CBD products.

4.      Affordability

A private label CBD product is an end product or finished item made by the original manufacturer. It is a product that comes from the first line of manufacturing from the factory. Hence, private label CBD products are the best of both worlds regarding affordability. Thus partnering with a trusted brand that offers a cbd wholesale program such as this one in Oregon, can offer its partners optimal results also for private label products.

Consequently, the final product reflects the low production and distribution chain cost by selling at reduced prices. White label products may incur extra overhead costs since the products move from the original manufacturer to the purchasing company for further rebranding leading to higher overhead costs than the private label CBD products.

5.      Ease of Market Entry

If you’re considering a new market entry, the launch of a white label CBD product offers two key benefits over a private label CBD. The first is that CBD’s legal constraints are more flexible when selling it as a dietary supplement.

With the current legal status of CBD products, a private label product may be tougher to sell without specific FDA approval. So while you would need to wait for the FDA to clear your product to sell it as an approved drug, this is not as big of a deal for food or supplement businesses.


Ultimately, it’s essential to get enough information before committing to either a white label CBD product or a private label CBD product, for that matter. However, if you want some guidance, Opulent Organics will guide you on any queries concerning CBD products.

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