Why Using Online Time Clock Software Is Important For Your Company

Team time tracking is one of the most important tasks a company needs to perform well. Time tracking is about much more than just logging how many hours an employee works. There are other far-reaching applications for time tracking that impact nearly every area of a business. Much of the work of time tracking is difficult to do without using modern technology.

Online time clock software makes time tracking a much easier and more streamlined process by automating much of the work. Not only that, it collects and organizes everything in one place, making it easy to access. Beyond that, a modern online time clock allows work functions to be done with the press of a button instead of through hours of paperwork.

Understand What Employees Are Doing

Understanding where your employees are, what tasks they are working on, and whether or not they are productive is essential to improving your business. This includes tracking hours, attendance, and job performance. Unfortunately, managing all of these things manually is nearly impossible with a large workforce because it is difficult to tell in real-time whether an employee is present, what part of the business they are in, and the task they are assigned.

An online timecard system facilitates knowing all of this information in real-time because punches are recorded automatically. For example, productivity trackers can show where an employee clocked in and what task they are working on. In some cases, it can go a step further and show whether employees are actively working on company business or spending time browsing the web, or completing personal business.

Knowing exactly when and what employees are working on, management can address potential issues and improve productivity in real-time by ensuring employees are present and staying on task.

Stay Labor Law Compliant

Part of managing employee hours and attendance involves making sure they take their scheduled breaks according to labor law standards. A violation of labor laws, even by accident, can mean devastating consequences for a business.

Online time clock software can send reminders and notifications to both employees and managers so that everyone is reminded to take breaks, and managers know immediately if employees are missing their breaks.

Getting real-time notifications makes employees more accountable as well since they know they will be reprimanded for not following proper procedures. This is important to the safety and security of your business and goes beyond just lost profits. Negligent employees can cause labor law violations that will cost the business money in fines but may eventually result in the company being shut down if violations continue. This is why using timesheet management software is crucial.

Manage Payroll More Effectively

Payroll is one of the most significant expenses for any business. The best way to not waste any more money and, in fact, improve efficiency is by using employee timesheet software. The software automatically tracks employee hours down to the minute. In addition, it has payroll features that can calculate applicable wages, even overtime, and then send that data directly to payroll to be processed.

Streamlining payroll means less time manually tabulating wages from timesheets and having to go back and fix manual entry errors before payments can be processed. In addition, late payments are often a cause of employee disputes and can lead to distrust and higher turnover rates. Beyond that, it is crucial for the profitability of the company not to have these types of errors and waste. That’s why online time clock software is such a vital solution.

By automating most of the time tracking process, you can eliminate time wasted and the potential for human errors while streamlining the entire process. This improves overall productivity and leads to happier employees and less turnover to boot.

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