Why You Should Incorporate Facebook Into Your Business Marketing Efforts

When running an online business and you have a digital marketing campaign, you will want to use various channels to maximise the exposure for your online business. You can use various online marketing companies to help you and different ways to market your business. You will want to do SEO to increase the visibility of your website, and you can use PPC to help boost sales, but you will also want to use social media, and Facebook in particular. Below are some facts about Facebook that show why your business should utilise this social media platform.

The Largest Social Media Platform

When you use the paid ads on Facebook, you can ensure that your ads are far-reaching and can be lucrative for your business, as the platform has almost three billion active monthly users. You can get your business in front of people it is relevant to and help boost sales brand awareness and build a massive base of followers.

People Use The Platform Often

Around 70% of Facebook users claim to access the platform at least once a day, and 49% of those users will access it multiple times. You can get your business in front of people multiple times a day, which will help your overall sales and boost your brand awareness.

Targeting Mobile Is Best

Out of all the Facebook users, about 98.5% of them will access the platform via a mobile device, which means you should target your ads to mobile devices. It means people will access the social media platform on the go, and you can engage with your audience while waiting for a bus, on their lunch break, or sitting on their sofa at home.

The Most Popular Platform For Marketers

For people in the marketing industry, Facebook is the most popular social media platform by far, and around 93% of marketers say they use it for their client’s marketing campaigns. Marketers can see the value you can gain from Facebook, so if you are not already using it, you may want to consider adding it to your digital marketing strategy.

The Biggest Ad Spend Outside Of Google

Only Google generates more ad revenue than Facebook, which shows how popular Facebook ads are with businesses. Google accounts for 28.9% of all digital ad spending, while Facebook comes in at a close second with 25.2%.

If you are not already using Facebook for your business to help boost sales, brand awareness, and interacting with your audience, you may want to start. Use a reputable digital agency to help create, manage, and optimise your Facebook ads campaign, and you can boost your business and help take it to the next level.

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