How to Build Better Businesses as an Executive Consultant With Kevin Modany

As the managing director at Bluerock Partners, Kevin Modany is used to making the kinds of big-picture decisions that can leave people up at night. Modany is an Executive Consultant and a leader in Leadership, Due Diligence, Executive Management, and Strategic Planning.

Having spent much of his career assisting industry leaders in their pursuit of better outcomes in business, Modany shared some of the things he learned along the way to help others learn from his experiences.

Let’s examine how Kevin Modany has cultivated a consultancy built upon the best business practices for executives.

What Defines the Best Practices of a Business?

A company’s best practices are guided by its ethics, work standards, and guidelines. These best practices have been defined by operational leaders, executive consultants, government agencies, and professional regulators. As an executive consultant, Modany develops a series of steps to solving problems for his clients.

Let’s look at the best practices of every executive consultant below.

Focus on Values

Executive consultants define their business from the ground up by discovering what drives everything they do. Crafting a powerful mission statement that echoes the values of the operation can serve as a template for making decisions going forward. This mission statement will also attract clients that align with corporate values.

Provide the Ground Rules

Operational effectiveness is predicated on the mutual sharing of information. Executive consultants like Kevin Modany utilize their skills in communication to lay out the ground rules of engagements with their clients. Modany believes that transparency drives much of the success of his business.

Universal Templates

Executive consultants should take time to develop a universal template that they can modify and adjust to fit the needs of every client assessment. This is considered an Evergreen Structure that can be changed as required.

Clearly Define Problems

By correctly understanding a problem, Modany believes it is possible to design a feasible solution. Modany looks through every contributing factor, from financial to competitive issues, before creating a viable solution.

Implement Plan of Attack

Now that a plan has been designed based on clearly defined problems, Modany can put his target plan into motion. Some problems are more accessible, so consultants like Modany are always on standby when required.

Finish With Competitive Analysis

To properly understand where a client stands in the grand scheme of things, executive consultants like Kevin Modany will perform a thorough competitive analysis. This analysis will look at regional, national, and local markets to understand better where the client is falling short and where they are surpassing their competitors. This information is then used to make winning changes in the marketplace.

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