How to Succeed as an Executive: Key Insights by Kevin Modany.

What role does a leader play in the success or failure of their project? According to Kevin Modany, an American business consultant and Managing Director of BlueRock Partners, a leader can be counted on to make their company float or sink.

Modany is an industry leader with executive skills in a variety of key areas. A graduate of Robert Morris University with a B.A. in Accounting and Finance, Modany has spent the better part of the past several decades guiding teams in a variety of different fields.

Most recently finding success at BlueRock Partners, Kevin Modany outlined some of the traits, skills, and core ideas that have helped him become the leader that he is today.

Building a Better Leader Through Honest Communication

When it comes time to lead a team in a room, Kevin Modany understands that communication and emotional intelligence are going to be two of the most important factors. Being able to connect directly with a client is one thing, but being able to motivate and manage a colleague is another thing entirely.

Modany believes that his offices tend to thrive because they exist within a realm of open and honest collaboration. Modany says, “I will give you an answer, and I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright.”

Modany went on to add, “Sometimes it’s painful, but you’ve got to be truthful. That’s the way I am, and that’s the way I’ve always been.”

Lean on the Importance of Data

The internet and the prevalence of data available at our fingertips have changed the way that businesses make decisions. Kevin Modany suggests that business leaders grow comfortable with curating sales data, synthesizing marketing campaign results, and leaning on the overall importance of technology as it drives efficient outcomes.

Modany says of data-driven work, “There’s still qualitative considerations, and you always have to have that as part of the equation, but it’s excellent to start with the data.”

Collaborating With Your Team To Build Better Ideas

Some leaders feel like they have attained their position and don’t need to share their leadership duties with anyone else. Other people, like Kevin Modany, highlight the idea of working in a collaborative and open environment to find success.

Kevin Modany suggests that leaders would benefit from taking on a ‘win-win’ mindset wherein their team members can interact with executives and other employees. CEOs that take this collaborative approach will find that they are more commonly finding solutions than others.

Modany said, “You get them to be motivated to want to work with you and accomplish objectives. A component of that is being honest and transparent and truthful.”

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