Why Steel Doors Are the Best for Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you are having your business premises purpose-built or converting an existing unit to better suit your needs. The question of which type of doors you need will arise. After all, choosing the right doors for your business affects the look of your building and the security, energy efficiency, safety, and long-term operational costs.

Steel doors stand out as an excellent choice for many reasons, mainly due to their superiority in scientific terms compared to other materials. If you are in any doubt as to why this is the case, you need to consider the following factors.

1 Strength and durability

Steel is an alloy primarily made from iron and carbon, so its molecular structure provides exceptional strength and durability. Steel typically has a higher tensile strength – in simple terms, it can withstand significant force without bending or breaking. As you can see, this will mean that steel doors will be resistant to regular wear and tear as well as more significant accidental impacts. Consequently, they are less likely to warp, crack, or dent compared to their wood or fiberglass equivalent meaning they will last longer.

2 More fire resistant

Steel has a higher melting point than most plastics; of course, it is less combustible than wood. In the unfortunate event of a fire at your premises, steel doors can resist flames and high temperatures for a longer period, with some of the better models having a fire rating of up to three hours. This can provide the time you need to control the fire or evacuate personnel and take vital equipment to safety.

3 Energy efficiency

Many steel doors are not solid but have a hollow cavity in the middle, with insulation inside. This means that the heat traditionally lost through doors will be considerably less with steel doors in place. Apart from the additional comfort given to you and your workforce by a consistently desirable temperature, this type of door can contribute to lower energy costs at a time of increasing energy bills.

4 Security

From a scientific perspective, the strength of steel makes it an excellent material for security purposes. As you can imagine, it is considerably harder to forcibly enter through a steel door compared to wood or other materials. This is especially the case if the frame is also made from steel and combined with the advanced locking mechanisms available on the better models. Therefore, if you have expensive equipment that would take a long time to replace, you need to seriously consider the security of your premises when you are thinking of the types of doors you need to include.

5 Aesthetics

Steel doors come in a variety of styles and can often be found in different colors to match the rest of your buildings’ design. Having a robust, attractive door at the front of your building or within your premises can give a good first impression to any visiting customers or investors. This indicates that you have a good eye for detail and take the safety and security of what you do seriously.

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