Yubo: The Social App Prioritizing Authentic Connections for Gen Z

Social media is an integral part of life for Gen Z. As digital natives, connecting online comes naturally. Yubo, a live social discovery app created in France in 2015, has become a favorite among Gen Z users looking to make real connections worldwide.

With over 22,000 users across 140 countries, Yubo makes it easy for teens to meet new people, join livestreams, chat in groups, and hang out virtually. The unlimited viewers allowed in livestreams and up to 10 participants with the host provide ample opportunity for users to interact in real-time. Thousands of livestreams are available daily.

For Gen Z, there is a slight separation between their online and offline lives. According to generational researcher Claire Madden, Gen Z finds it more accessible to communicate through social media than face-to-face. Frequent online interactions allow them to forge social bonds. Their identity is closely tied to social media activity, so they feel compelled to maintain an active presence across platforms.

While sites like Facebook and Instagram prioritize content feeds, sponsored posts, and connecting users to established social circles, Yubo offers something different. The app eliminates metrics like followers and likes so users can connect authentically without performative pressures.

With customizable profiles and easy swiping and messaging features, Yubo makes it simple for teens to highlight their true interests and make genuine connections. The company says, “Authentic connections are substantial to building a happier and more connected world.” The platform fosters meaningful bonds beyond surface-level interactions by promoting community and belonging by promoting community and belonging.

Yubo’s founders sought to create an online space mirroring the best real-life interactions. By focusing on people over content, genuine connections over followers, and real-time interactions over likes, the app provides an alternative to traditional social media’s approval-seeking culture.

As an agile company, Yubo quickly uses new ideas to optimize user experience. “It’s essential for us to move fast because we try to make sure that when we have an idea, we act on it by keeping it simple and testing it quickly,” says CTO Arthur Patora.

Safety is also a top priority. Yubo utilizes prevention, detection, and moderation to ensure users have positive experiences. “For us, it’s important to make Yubo a safe place for young people to meet and interact online,” Patora says.

For Gen Z users seeking authentic social connections, Yubo delivers an interactive platform prioritizing what matters most: genuine relationships over online recognition. With an emphasis on safety, innovation, and quality user experience, the app provides the virtual hangout space the digital native generation desires.

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